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The Magic of MBA

Published on : 2014-12-18

There are many specializations to be opted while joining MBA degree in a business school. The most popular specializations are Operations management, Human Resource Management, Marketing management, Finance management.

In operations management aspirants learn the complete process of business. The operations management is focused on how to utilized the available resources in organization to achieve its objectives and to perform major role in the outcome of all working in the organization. There are lot of business schools and management colleges who offer operations management as major specialization.  

There are many aspirants who wish to go for more specializations for those it is suggested to choose supply chain management or project management as specialization area. After becoming the expert in above two areas one can get many opportunities in ranging from supply chain track in the FMCG organization or technology based companies.The growing number of e-tailors appoint executives with expertise in operation supply chain management. The requirement in private equity companies is also being increased to help themselves to add value in their portfolios. There are further areas like supply chain analytics, planning of demand and management of categories for e-tailors, delivery in healthcare and six sigma companies are gaining popularity among professionals.

 At global level the operations management is an active area of research in business school campuses. The main areas where research interest is focussed are supply chain management, management of revenue and healthcare management of operations.

The human resource management specialization contains the study of all process from recruitment to utilize of manpower for the growth of organization and to achieve the combined goals of organization. In every organization there will be a number of employees(manpower) who bring competitiveness, innovation, collaboration and the production for companies profit. The role of human resource manager(HRM) is to do everything to manage the manpower so the organization and employees will gain something thing through professional practice. Every organization have an HR department where HR team work for organization. So the students can choose human resource management as specialization for career in HR department of organizations in the world. After relevant qualification one can work in positions like HR manager in companies across the world or can pursue freelance career for organizations.     

The marketing management is the specialization where most jobs are available because this is the area without which even a small company can not survive. This is most suitable area for those who would like to travel a lot and can achieve targets set by employer company.

All the public sector units and private companies have finance department which looks after every transaction either the income of company or the expenses of organization  and to maintain all the records as per the policy of the organization. So, students can opt for this specialization who wish to make their career in financial management.  

All these specializations are available in regular study mode as well as distance MBA.

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