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Asian Institute of Gaming and Animation

Course Offered:

Diploma in Game Programming

At the Asian Institute of Gaming and Animation (AIGA), It is committed to developing inter-disciplinary holistic professionals needed in the Gaming and Animation sector by imparting international quality education. The candidates need to be highly trained, with an in-depth knowledge of game development process and techniques, and a skill for superior graphics.AIGA understands this need, the Management and Faculty at AIGA are professionals from academic, as well as the Gaming industry backgrounds, and this it believe is the clear differentiator. Being one of the first dedicated Game Education institutes in the country, It's aim to create world class Game professionals who would match international quality benchmarks. Coupled with state of the art facilities and an internationally accepted quality programme delivery methodology, AIGA is fully geared to cater to the aspirations of the prospective professionals as well as the specific needs of the industry.




Infrastructure Overview: The institute has well equipped with all the modern facilities.

Teaching Facilities



A variety of teaching and learning techniques are employed to impart knowledge and skills to students at Asian Institute of Gaming and Animation in its various departments. AIGA’s vision to provide Quality education can also be seen in the facility being provided, carefully designed to meet International benchmarks.

Placement Services



The institute offers full placement to all the students. 

Top Recruiting Companies

  • Ai Solve, Bangalore
  • Atman Software, Bangalore
  • Blue Papillion, Bangalore
  • Dhruva Interactive, Bangalore
  • Dumadu Games
  • Exigent Studios
  • Glady Animation
  • Pixeltech, Mumbai
  • Technicolor India, Bangalore
  • Xentrix
  • Zynga