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Government Film & Television Institute

Course Offered:

Diploma in Cinematography

Government Film & Television Institute mission is to provide student with a sense of the here and now, the significance of light and shadow, sound and silence, to encourage creativity and curiosity and to inculcate in them discipline, integrity and commitment. The institute vision is to Make the Government Film & Television Institute, Hessaraghatta, the meeting hub for the exchange of ideas and techniques in the world of Indian and foreign film and Television.




Infrastructure Overview: The Institute is situated in Hesaraghatta about 35 kms from the city, over an area of 25 acres amidst sylvan surroundings. The Institute is housed in well designed beautiful buildings and the ambience exuded by the Institute is designed to trigger and promote creativity to meet the burgeoning needs of the Film & Media Industries.

Teaching Facilities



A variety of teaching and learning techniques are employed to impart knowledge and skills to students at Government Film & Television Institute in its various departments.

Placement Services



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