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School of Digital Animation and Vfx - Hyderabad

Course Offered:

Certificate Course in Extreme Composting

School of Digital Animation and Vfx, Hyderabad is a pioneer in the field of animation education from the past 4 years. It's successful teaching methodology has proved its leadership in animation education. State of the art infrastructure and other facilities provide a competitive environment for learning. As animation is fun, it has adapted a method of fun teaching. Since production staffs are also involved in the process of monitoring fresh minds, quality of work is assured. Specially designed production pipeline based curriculum keep SDA graduates way ahead of others. There are many ways and means to become an animator, but the true art is finding the correct way and people to learn from to ensure a bright future. What an aspiring animator needs is a mentor figure and not a brand name. SDA believes that the number of students in a batch need to be not more than 10-12 for personalized attention to each student and so that there is an active relationship between the students and their teachers. It should not become an act of mass production of people for head counts and statistics. Each student has an individual personality, with strengths, weaknesses, with likes and dislikes. To understand and nurture a student’s future should be the top priority of a good institution. The institute has specialist Production Mentors for every subject, who consider teaching as a passion rather than a profession. Though the equipment and software is very important an aspiring student needs to know about his mentor’s credentials more than the infrastructural jargon. A student should check for the work done by the previous batches and if possible and preferably talk to the existing students to get a correct picture of the organization.




The institute has well equipped with all the modern facilities.

Teaching Facilities



Infrastructure Overview: The institute has well equipped with all the modern facilities.

Classrooms Details: All the classrooms are well furnished.

Library Details:Library facility is available.