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Southern Institute of Art & Design

Course Offered:

B.A (Hons.) Visual Communication (Graphic Design)

Southern Institute of Art & Design is an institution devoted to the training and education of young minds to shape them to grasp the future. However, we ensure that each student enjoys a definite edge, thanks to our creative ethos that governs every way of life at SIAD. Nestled in beachside ambience, the campus is ideal for the students as they indulge in creative exploration and artistic experimentation. An extremely talented team of faculty members, facilities that match the best of industry standards and a uniquely creative curriculum, complements this creative campus. SIAD aims to create an educational environment on Art and Design, based on innovation, comprehension, professionalism, experimentation, professionalism, passion and originality by imparting quality and skilled creativity through our unique academic program.




Laboratory Details:Appropriate designated working areas in studios. Access to specialist workshops and equipment

Teaching Facilities



A variety of teaching and learning techniques are employed to impart knowledge and skills to students at Southern Institute of Art & Design in its various departments.